How to Make Sure Your Label Is Legible

A product label should be informative, but it should also be pleasing to the eye and easy to understand. You can accomplish this in your label design by picking your fonts carefully, playing with contrasting colors, and choosing the proper size and spacing for your lettering. Here’s more on how to make sure your label […]

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Changes to Nutrition Facts Labels You’ll See in 2018

The point of a product label is to teach the viewer about the product. When it comes to food labels, this includes dietary information and nutrition facts. 2018 will see a new design, upgraded information, and changes to serving sizes. Read on for a closer look at the changes you should expect in 2018’s nutrition […]

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Which Fonts Are Easiest to Read on Labels?

An easy to read label gets the point across without any confusion and informs the consumer about the product. When the design isn’t perfect and it’s hard to make out the words, the message gets lost and people get turned off. That’s why you should be careful with the fonts you use. Keep reading and […]

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