3D Domed Stickers

Labels have become a necessary lifeline for businesses today as they are used to identify and track products and important items as well as provide a means of information for consumers. Because of the broad role that labels play in today’s business world, they should be strong, sturdy and able to withstand tearing and defacement that may result from them being exposed to various harsh environments.

Domed labels provide the solution to such special business label needs. Domed labels are covered with a clear, shiny, weatherproof urethane coating that renders them practically indestructible. There is no worrying about label damage when domed labels are applied as they will arrive to their destinations intact regardless of the conditions to which they are exposed.

When considering domed labels, it is imperative that you utilize one of the professional label printing companies like Miles Label Company. Domed labels require both the proper materials as well as the right printing process. Utilizing an unknown or unprofessional printing company could result in domed label failure and an untold amount of product loss.

Miles Label Company specializes in high quality label printing and manufacturing. We supply domed labels and other special labeling needs (like UL Labels) to customers in such industries as aerospace and automotive. If you require attractive and tough domed labels, rely on one of the best label printing companies in the industry, Miles Label Company of Tucson, Arizona.