Beer & Wine Labels

Beer labels and wine labels are mainly used to let customers readily see what individual bottles contain. The name and type of beer or wine are normally listed as are key details which can include ingredients, bottling and/or expiration dates, and company name and location. Without this information contained on beer or wine bottle labels, customers would be left confused and simply guessing or relying on the direction of sales staff as to what they should purchase. Wine and beer bottle labels provide identification, organization and information that are desired by shopping consumers and retail stores alike.

There is a secondary reason for applying wine and beer labels on bottles other than identifying the contents which might actually have a more important role in the sales process. That reason is advertising. It has been proven that the packaging of a product plays a powerful part in it being selected over other same or similar items. In this case, the packaging is quite often displayed directly within the beer label or wine label. The design of the labels used can either turn people away or draw them in depending on their ability to capture the attention of passing shoppers.

Using a wine bottle label that stands out is particularly important for those in this industry due to the availability of hundreds of varying products. First time shoppers, or those seeking to try a new product, often make their decisions based on the look of the wine label as much as the contents of the bottles. Even seasoned wine shoppers are often swayed to try a new product while scanning for their favorite wine when an attractive label catches their eye.

Although beer product choices have generally been fewer in the past, the rise in microbreweries has significantly increased the number of items available. This surge in competition has created a need for attractive and catchy beer label designs that give companies an edge over the competition. Beer bottle label designs can make or break a company, especially if it is small and trying to break into a new market.

Miles Label provides a full spectrum of wine and beer label printing services. We provide everything from small and simple to large and involved label printing projects that include variable information printing, UL labels, domed labels, orpiggyback, roll or continuous and individual labels. We can provide one color short and long runs or sophisticated eight-color labels that utilize foil stamping for one of the colors as well as include UV coatings, four-color processing printing and doming.

Customers seeking attractive and captivating labels made from scratch can turn to the design team at Miles Label. We can create the perfect beer and wine labels based on ideas, guidance and feedback from our customers. We understand the importance of well-designed beer labels and wine labels and we will do our best to help you create the perfect look that helps your product to stand out above the crowd.