Food Labeling

Food labeling, which includes produce andĀ meat labels, is a very important part of product sales. Not only are food labelsĀ a means by which customers can identify what is contained within packages, but they are also a legal requirement in the U.S.Since the passing of the Nutrition Labeling and Education Act in 1990, nutritional information must be included on all consumable food packaging. If food items are being exported to other countries and markets, additional requirements may need to be met.

Food labels have become particularly important over the past several decades as consumers have become more educated and ingredient selective. Choosy shoppers tend to spend more time scanning over food, meat and produce labels to ensure they are getting fresh and healthy items to eat and feed their families. Consumers therefore expect to have clear and defined food, produce and meat labels that provide ingredients, nutrition, storage dates and other vital information they seek.

Besides providing key information on the actual products, a food label should also be attractive and aesthetically luring. People often make choices based on the appearance of food and meat packaging as much as the information provided or the look of the productcontained therein. It is therefore important to ensure that all the desired information is placed on food, meat and produce labels in a clear manner that is accompanied by an attractive food labeling design.

Our friendly and professional team at Miles Label will ensure that every need is accommodated to the highest degree possible. We are able to handle practically every food label printing need from small tasks to major projects, including variable information printing generated labels, domed labels and UL labels. We can also provide simple one color short or long runs or more complex eight-color printing with one color foil stamping containing UV coatings and four-color process printing and doming.

If you need assistance designing clear and attractive food labels, meat labels, or produce labels, our expert design team will work closely with you to ensure your specific design requirements are met. No matter what your food labeling need is, Miles Label will do everything possible to meet or beat expectations.