Creating an Effective Product Label

No matter how well your product works or how desirable it is, its label will play a significant role when convincing consumers to buy it. An effective product label will have a legible font, be a reasonable size, and feature the right colors. Read on for more on creating an effective product label.

Pick a Legible Font

Your product label cannot be very effective if no one can read it, and your choice in font will serve as an essential factor regarding its legibility. A clean and clear font can allow your potential customers to quickly and easily identify what the product is. If your brand image aligns with the sleek and streamlined, this becomes even more important. Put some thought into your choice in font in order to attract as many customers as possible.  

Consider Your Label Size and Shape

When consumers see your product for the first time, the packaging will likely be the first aspect they notice. The size and shape of your label will essentially frame the product itself. Consider the size and shape of your product when you think about corresponding factors in its label. An interestingly shaped label might draw customers in; alternatively, a standard and concise label could be more appropriate for certain types of products.

Choose the Right Colors

Today’s printing services allow you to print your labels in any color you want. People respond differently to various shades and hues, so think about the psychology behind your color choices. If your brand sticks to one strict color scheme, be sure to incorporate that into your product label.

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