Which Fonts Are Easiest to Read on Labels?

An easy to read label gets the point across without any confusion and informs the consumer about the product. When the design isn’t perfect and it’s hard to make out the words, the message gets lost and people get turned off. That’s why you should be careful with the fonts you use. Keep reading and find out which kinds of fonts are easiest to read on labels.

Serif Fonts
There are countless fonts to choose from, but they can all be broken down into two primary categories: Serif and sans serif. The major distinction between these two classes of fonts is that serif fonts have a little bit more embellishment to them. You might think of the letter A in serif font as having “feet”. Sans serif fonts are simplified, so they don’t have the same character as their serif counterparts. If you picture a banner of the alphabet hanging in an elementary school classroom, you’re probably thinking of sans serif. The extra detail to serif fonts tends to make them easier to read, especially on labels. Times New Roman, which is one of the most popular fonts in both print and on screen, is a serif font.

Those That Stand Out
The point of your label is to inform your consumers about the product you’re trying to sell. If they can’t make out the words on the label, they won’t get the full message that you’re trying to send out. Don’t use small typefaces that are nearly impossible to read, and don’t make your font color too similar to its background. People respond to words that pop out at them, and they’re turned off when they have to stand there trying to decipher the label.

The fonts you choose for your label design are extremely important for your product, and the pros at Miles Label will help you make the right decision. Learn about our label design and printing services on our website, or call us with any questions or concerns at (800) 331-1897 today.